My Best Tradingview Indicators

At Trend Friend, we have indicators for all types of trading styles. Whether you are a scalper, swing trader or long term investor, we have an indicator that can be useful to you. Our best Tradingview indicators are reserved for our paid members, but we also have 20+ free indicators that anyone can use. 

Premium Trading Indicators

qqq etf 5 minute chart with buy sell indicator on swing mode

Buy Sell Indicator


This buy sell indicator calculates real time, reliable signals using price action comparing the current candle to the previous candles and a massive amount of other factors to give buy and sell signals across all of your favorite markets. It has scalp mode, swing mode and long swing mode as well as an auto trailing stoploss & take profit levels.

buy sell signal scanner showing tech stock directions

Buy Sell Signal Scanner


This scanner uses the same formula as the buy sell indicator, but scans higher timeframes so you can trade with the trend for extra confirmation. You can also set it to scan other tickers of your choice to get a feel for the direction of a group of similar markets overall. Or just use it to find reversals on other tickers, your choice!

supply and demand indicator

Supply And Demand


Supply And Demand uses volume spikes, trading sessions, higher timeframe price action candles and previous vwap close prices to map out key areas where price is very likely to react. You can use these levels for trading reversals by either scalping bounces off of the levels or swing trading these reversals back to the next major supply and demand zone. Fully customizable and very accurate.

trend friend indicator

Trend Friend - Swing & Scalp Trading Signals


Trend Friend is a premium indicator that gives buy and sell signals for scalping and swing trades. Includes live percentage updates from fibonacci levels, VWAP, your position and the last signal shown. Also has moving average clouds, chop detection with warnings, low volume warnings, margin multiplier for your position & percentage tracking and a bounce zone.

1 minute scalping indicator for tradingview

1 Minute Scalping Indicator


This scalper is based purely on price action of the current candle and the previous candle. No lag and fast to react for quick scalping on the 1 minute chart. It works on all timeframes, but is designed for getting in and out of positions quickly on the 1 minute timeframe. The candles will also change color based on the current price trend. It has scalp mode and swing mode so you can pick which one suits your style.

higher timeframe price action scanner on a tradingview chart

Higher Timeframe Price Action Scanner


Based off of the 1 Minute Scalping Indicator, this scanner uses the same price action formula to detect bullish or bearish price action of higher timeframes. It will display green or red dots to notify you of the current price trend on up to 6 higher timeframes as well as the current chart timeframe. Watch for established trends and then trade in that direction. 

volume based auto support and resistance plus scanner

Volume Based Auto Support & Resistance + Scanner


This indicator tracks where the market makers are placing their orders and draws support and resistance lines according to where those orders came in. This allows you to see in real time where the market makers are buying and selling so you can place your orders the same way. It’s never been easier to copy trade the big players than it is with this indicator. Includes a volume scanner.

scalper ribbon

Scalper Ribbon - Signals For Any Market


This indicator is a combination of 6 different oscillators with a little bit of secret sauce sprinkled on top. It turns red or green according to the bullish or bearish nature of the market. It’s quick enough to get you in early but smooth enough to keep you in positions longer. The blue range in the middle is the neutral zone and will help you stay out of chop.

What Our Customers Have To Say...

Ryan C.
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"Best indicator suite I've subscribed to and there have been many. Lane gives great instructions on how to maximize settings for exceptional results and he's always quick to respond to any DM's you send him through Tradingview. Additionally, he's always tweaking and introducing new aspects to the suite which equates to much more value. Regarding the actual indicators, the Buy and Sell Indicator is nothing short of amazing. It not only gives you exceptional entry signals but it also keeps you out of bad trades. Regardless of the instrument or time frame, it's an exceptional tool that has given me a win rate of over 85% and most importantly helps me limit losses and lets winners run. The suite of products is so exceptional that it's the only one I'm using to teach my wife and son how to trade. Exceptional products for beginners to professionals. Best decision I've ever made to invest in my trading!"
Dave P.
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Customer service (owner) reached out to me quickly to make sure I was taken care of soon after my order. These indicators work better than others 5 times the price!
Carter G.
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"These indicators are amazing.. the Buy/sell can be tailored for quick 1-5 minute scalps, swing trades or longer swing trades.. they work on any type of market and timeframes for shorter trades.. I use them to confirm setups from the chart. They respond to any questions very quickly- and sooooo easy to use!!"
Cedric A.
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Quality product. Impeccable and very responsive support.
Sonja W.
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"I think I already left a review on Trustpilot, but I can again say how amazing Trend Friend indicators are. So many to choose from, and you can adapt them to your trading style. They also offer bunch of free indicators, I thinks this is really nice. It took me some time to figure out which ones to use, but I am now having consistent profit and will be a subscriber for life :). Thank you!"
Ryan W.
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"These are some of the best indicators out there. Use with confirmation and key-levels, these can be a great tool for traders."
Timothy L.
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"Buy Sell indicator works great for capturing all the large market moves in eMinis the last week since i started using it. Highly recommended!"
James K.
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"1 min Scalping is working well for me😍."
Raul L.
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"Best indicators, well worth it."
Thomas P.
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Good indicators which work consistently!

Free Trading Indicators

volume weighted reversal bands

Volume Weighted Reversal Bands


These volume weighted reversal bands are a VWAP and VWMA hyrbid. It combines the vwap and 3 different volume weighted moving averages together and divides them by 4. Then it uses percentage deviations to map out support and resistance levels that you can play the bounces off of. Pay attention to the trend of the reversal bands and look for bounces off of the middle fat line as that one is fair value.

combined moving averages + squeeze & volume spike signals indicator

Combined Moving Averages + Squeeze & Volume Spikes


This is a set of moving averages, each one made up of SMA, EMA, HMA, RMA, WMA and VWMA combined together and divided by 6. Since most traders use moving averages but different types, combining them gives you a better idea of where price should actually react. It also has signals for squeezes and paints the cloud a brighter color when volume spikes are detected for extra confluence.

portfolio tracker for stocks & crypto

Portfolio Tracker For Stocks & Crypto


Track your portfolio profit and loss with the weight of your portfolio for each asset, percent gain/loss, dollar gain/loss, daily gain/loss as well as overall portfolio performance. Enter your buy price and amount and let the tracker do the rest for you. Works with up to 12 different assets so you always know how your portfolio is doing.

3commas bot backtester and signals free

3Commas Bot DCA Backtester + Signals


Backtest a 3Commas DCA bot and start trading on auto-pilot. It has 4 different buy triggers that are customizable and tons of options to find the perfect strategy for your portfolio and risk tolerance. Once you know the strategy you want to use, then send signals directly to your 3Commas bot, all for free. The code is open source as well so feel free to program your own buy signals too!

rsi scalper

RSI Scalper Ribbon With Signals


This indicator takes the RSI and smooths it out, paired with an RMA to create a ribbon that changes colors to show bullish or bearish trends and gives signals on bull/bear crossovers. There is a long moving average as well that helps to identify longer trends and retest areas. It can be used for scalping and swing trading. Watch for the ribbon to give confluence on price action.

auto support and resistance by percent deviation

Auto Support & Resistance With Wick Signals + Alerts


Auto Support and Resistance is derived from the previous session close and uses a percentage deviation to give support and resistance levels. Since traders and trading algorithms use percentages for take profit levels, this indicator gives highly accurate levels that price bounces off of regularly. It includes percentage gaps as well as wick signals so you never miss a bounce.

auto support and resistance from options stirke price

Auto Support & Resistance From Options Strike Price


Auto Support and Resistance gives up to 20 levels of color coded support and resistance from the most current major price. Just set the starting level and the options strike price gaps for instant support and resistance levels on your chart. Set major levels with high open interest that show up as thick lines and include live percentages.

momentum scalper

Momentum Scalper Ribbon With Signals


Momentum is smoothed out and paired with an RMA to create a red or green ribbon showing the current bullish or bearish nature of the momentum indicator. Signals also show up to notify you of direction changes. Includes a long moving average that can be used to idenitfy longer trends and acts as support/resistance.

money flow index with bull and bear labels

Money Flow Index With Bull & Bear Label


Money Flow Index with the line painted red or green if it is going up or down. Color fills green when below 25 and red when above 75. Also includes a bull and bear label that changes color so you can see the immediate direction without analyzing the data.

dmi plus fisher

Directional Movement Index + Fisher Price Action


Directional Movement Index is a buying and selling pressure oscillator. Green line shows market buying pressure and the red line shows market selling pressure. Background color changes with trend as well as the bull and bear label for easy, fast interpretation.

mom mfi rsi indicator

MOM + MFI + RSI With Bull & Bear Labels


Momentum, Relative Strength Index & Money Flow Index all combined into one nicely styled indicator so you can see the trend of all three at once. Includes color changing bull and bear labels as well to grab your attention when they change direction.

auto fibonacci levels

Auto Fibonacci Levels From Previous High & Low


Auto Fibonacci Extensions & Retracements based on the previous day, week, month or years high and low. Fibonacci levels change color based on whether they are currently support or resistance. Set up your Fibonacci levels instantaneously with 1 click.

vix trend analysis

VIX Trend Analysis With Bull & Bear Signals


VIX volatility index shows the current market volatility in the stock markets. This indicator shows you if the market overall is bullish or bearish without having to switch charts constantly to check the VIX chart. It includes line on the chart as well as alerts to notify you of direction changes.

vix scalper

VIX Reversal Scalper With Bull & Bear Labels


Get bull and bear labels overlaid on your chart when the VIX volatility index changes direction. When volatility goes up, markets go down and vice versa. This can be used as secondary confirmation on your trades so you can trade the same direction as the markets overall.

candles colored based on buy and sell pressure

Candles Colored Based On Buy & Sell Pressure


Get your candles colored based on what really matters, buy and sell pressure. When market buying is higher than market selling, the candle will paint green and vice versa. This gives you a better idea of the direction of the trend according to buying and selling instead of just using closing prices.

multi vwap with cloud and percentages

VWAP Multiple Sources With Coud & Percentages


Multiple VWAP lines using open, close, high and low as the sources instead of just the normal close as the source. It also paints a red or green cloud based on whether price is above or below the VWAP so you can follow the trend. Percentage gaps are included as well for your convenience.

market sector scanner

Market Sector Scanner With Multiple Indicator Values


Want to know if an entire market sector is turning up or down? This indicator shows you just that, including values for 5 very popular indicators so you always know if one of your favorite tickers is starting to trend up or down so you don’t miss those big moves. Wait for an entire sector to turn red or green for super safe trades.

Indicator Direction Table With Bull & Bear Labels


This indicator direction table shows you if 8 different indicators are bullish or bearish currently for the ticker you are viewing. Wait for them all to turn red or green before making a trade to stay safe when entering and exiting positions. Simple yet effective way of being notified of trend changes across multiple indicators at once.

any 8 moving averages

Any 8 Moving Averages With Percentage Gaps


Pick up to 8 moving averages of any type and have them automatically colored red or green depending on if price is above or below the moving average. They all have a colored cloud behind them as well and percentage gap updates live on the chart.

volume spike and growth indicator

Volume Spike & Growing Volume Signals + Scanner


Volume brings volatility and volatility is much safer to trade. This indicator shows volume spikes as well as volume growth so you always know when those big moves are coming. It includes alerts and a volume scanner as well for up to 8 tickers. 

momentum indicator

Momentum With Bull & Bear Label


Momentum indicator color coded green or red to show if the indicator is bullish or bearish. Includes a label that changes color when the trend changes so you can see if the momentum is bullish or bearish without analyzing the data.

Volume Profile With Buy & Sell Pressure


Volume histogram indicator where each bar is colored according to buying and selling pressure. Includes a label that changes color when the buy/sell pressure changes so you can see if the volume is bullish or bearish at a glance.

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