Frequently Asked Questions

Trend Friend does not offer a free trial of the premium indicators. However, we do offer a $24.99 option for a 2 week subscription so you can test out the indicators for yourself for a small fee. There are a lot of indicators included and lots of settings to play with to get your perfect setup, so this way you have plenty of time to learn everything during your 2 weeks. If you would like a longer trial, you can just purchase a monthly subscription for $39.99 and then just set it to manual renewal or cancel your subscription before it renews if you don’t want to continue using the indicators. 

During the checkout process, you will be asked to provide your Tradingview username. Once your order has completed, our team will grant your account access to the indicators on Tradingview from our end. Once we have given your account access, you will receive a message on Tradingview as well as an email letting you know your order is complete. 

When you have been given access, it may take Tradingview servers a few minutes to update your account, so please be patient. You will see the indicators in your invite only tab when you click the indicator tab at the top of your charts. The lock icon will show up as green next to all of the premium indicators on the invite only tab. You just need to click the indicator name and wait for it to compile and load onto your chart. Some indicators(like Supply and Demand) take a while to load, so give it a minute after clicking the indicator name.

If you have received the order complete email and waited a few minutes and still don’t have access, try refreshing your internet browser from your charts. If that doesn’t work, you may need to log out of your Tradingview account and log back in again for it to reflect the access changes.

During normal hours, I am usually at my computer and can get you access within a few minutes, but sometimes I am away from my computer, on vacation with no cell service or just sleeping. I am on Mountain Time, so between 10pm and 10am Mountain Standard Time, you can expect to have to wait until the next day to get access. Even when I am on vacation, I will still go somewhere with service once a day and complete any orders at that time, so don’t worry if there is a delay. I take my business very seriously and excellent customer service is a top priority but there are times where I am not available soon after your order, so I appreciate your patience.

When you make your first purchase, you will be asked to create an account on the website. Then at any time, you can go to your account dashboard and cancel your subscription, turn off auto renewal, switch to a yearly subscription, change your payment method and more.

The indicators and signals can only repaint until the current candle closes. Once the candle closes with a signal, it will be locked in and will not repaint. On the Buy Sell Indicator, we also have the signal arrows for unconfirmed signals at half transparency to let you know you should wait for the candle to close with a signal. If you don’t want any arrows to show up until a candle closes with a signal, then just turn the transparency down to zero for unconfirmed signals.

It is important to understand that all indicators are based on probabilities because nothing in trading works 100% of the time. If you expect perfection from anything in trading, you are going to be disappointed because it’s not realistic. Our code cannot see the future, instead it reads the previous price action, and makes predictions on what is likely to happen next based off of the current candle, the most recent closed candles, market structure and various other proprietary calculations.

We have programmed in what we have found to be the most highly probable price action situations to give a signal on, but sometimes these situations don’t work out as planned. And because our signal generating indicators are programmed to always be in a buy or sell signal, sometimes it will give multiple false signals in a row while price ranges sideways or has false breakouts. The indicators cannot predict that and if the parameters match what normally gives a good signal but it’s a false move, then you will get false signals. That’s just part of trading and using indicators. They will never be perfect but most of the time, our indicators give excellent signals. Make sure you only take signals at highly probable reversal or continuation levels for best results. You can also try using heikin ashi candles if you are using lower timeframe charts.

To become a consistently profitable trader, you need to learn to sit out and not trade when price action is choppy or ranging sideways as those types of markets will kill even the most experienced traders portfolios quickly. Bad signals typically mean bad price action, which is hard for algorithms as well as humans to navigate, so it’s best to just wait until the market is volatile and respecting normal price action rules before getting back into the market. Patience and learning to sit out during bad price action is one of the best skills you can learn in trading. It will also help you avoid trading during times when false signals are likely.

Some quick tips for the Buy Sell Indicator and 1 Minute Scalping Indicator:

  • Turn on Average Candle Size Rejections
  • Change trade mode to Super Swing Mode or Super Long Swing Mode
  • Use Trailing Stoploss Exit From Here setting after entering a position
  • For 1 min charts try heikin ashi candles
  • Go up 1 or 2  timeframes and use Scalp Mode, Super Scalp Mode, Swing Mode or Super Swing Mode


No matter which indicator you are using, make sure to read the tooltips next to each setting in the settings panel, just hover your mouse over the circled i icon and a popup will show you the info. These have descriptions about each feature to help you understand how they work so you can fine tune the indicators to your preference.

If you are using Trend Friend Swing Trade & Scalp Signals, you can filter out false signals by switching on the option for Less Signals. This option filters out some signals for you on each different trade mode. You can also change the signal mode to swing mode or long swing mode if you want the indicator to hold positions longer. Be aware that swing and long swing mode will mean later entries and exits and will not perform well in sideways, ranging markets.

The 1 Minute Scalping Indicator can be switched to super swing mode or super long swing mode for less signals. You can also turn on Average Candle Size Rejections to get rid of signals on small candles.

The Buy Sell Indicator is the most advanced algorithm we have that is designed to work well in all markets and timeframes and has 2 features to help avoid false signals. These are the average candle size rejection and candle trailing length. You can also use Super Swing Mode or Long Swing Mode to filter out false signals without adjusting the settings described next. It also has built in parameters to avoid choppy price action on some modes, but it won’t filter everything out on it’s own. That’s what the customization options are for.

The candle size rejection will reject signals that come in on candles that are smaller than the average candle size multiplied by the value you put into that input. Many times large candles can be more reliable signals, so this feature aims to help with that. However, sometimes this can cause the indicator to hold signals that are going the opposite direction because the candles aren’t big enough so you have to be aware of that.

The candle trailing length rejects signals until the closing price of the current candle surpasses the high or low of X number of previous candles. This can be very useful in many situations, but also has it’s downside when markets are choppy or ranging. It is designed to help hold positions longer, but may also perform poorly in some situations, so you need to be aware of that.

If you are having issues or are getting too many false signals, please reach out to us so we can help you adjust your settings to get the best results for your specific style of trading. We are happy to help you get the best results, you just have to ask!

Yes, the indicators will work with a free Tradingview account. The only difference you may notice between free and premium accounts is that you get less historical bar history on the free account, which means you may not get some of the long term levels from the support and resistance indicators, such as quarterly and yearly levels when on lower timeframe charts like the 1 and 5 minute.

You also don’t get as much time for scripts to load with the free and lower tiered plans, so you may get errors when trying to load multiple code heavy scripts. No need to worry though, you can fix Tradingview indicator errors by adjusting a setting from the inputs tab and then switching it back. This will get the indicator to recalculate when other indicators are not also loading, so it will process faster and avoid giving you an error. 

So yes, the indicators will work on the free accounts, you just may have to deal with the things mentioned above.

Yes, all of our premium indicators have useful alerts that can be customized to suit your preferences. We have alerts for buy signals, sell signals, stoploss hit, stoploss updated, take profit hit, and much more. Each indicator has their own unique alerts that you can learn more about by checking out the description on each specific indicators page.

We accept debit and credit card payments for all major credit card brands via Stripe. In order to prevent issues with any payment processing, Trend Friend exclusively uses Stripe to process payments due to their excellent security protocols, global payment processing abilities and ease of use for us as well as our customers. Due to the exclusive use of Stripe for payments, we do not accept payments through Paypal, Venmo, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency or other methods at this time. We also do not offer lifetime subscriptions to our indicators.

Our subscription software is set up so that there are no prorated payments or lengths of subscriptions. This means that if you have a monthly subscription and upgrade to a yearly subscription, you will not be charged at the time of upgrade. You would be charged the yearly fee when your current monthly subscription is set to renew.

So for instance if your monthly subscription is set to auto renew on December 5th and you upgrade on December 1st, you will be charged the yearly subscription fee on December 5th and have a years access from that date on. The same goes for downgrading your subscription. When you switch to monthly and your yearly subscription is set to renew, you will be charged the monthly fee on your renewal date and then have a months access from that date unless renewed.

As always, feel free to email us with any questions regarding your subscription, or if you need help with your account at all. You can reach us at

Yes, I have a few guides that you can read through here:

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How To Set Up Indicator Alerts

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Tradingview Paper Trading: A Complete Guide

If you would like specific info on any of the indicators, go to the Tradingview indicators page and select the indicator you want to learn about. Each indicator has a thorough description explaining all of it’s features on it’s respective page.

The indicators are not automated strategies. You will still need to manually decide which signals you decide to take trades on. Due to this, win rate will vary for every user. You need to wait for good reversal areas and take signals in those zones for best results. I recommend using the Buy Sell Indicator with Supply and Demand and following along with our Buy Sell Indicator strategies for best results.

Our terms and conditions details the full extent of who can use the indicators with the standard license. Basically, if you are trading on behalf of yourself and are not considered a professional trader or trading as a company, then you are permitted to use the standard license.

If you are classified as a professional trader or are trading on behalf of other persons or companies, then you are considered a commercial user and will need to purchase a separate commercial license to use the premium indicators. If you are a commercial user, please reach out to for details on how to proceed.

You can read through our full refund policy here.

The short and sweet version is this: No, we don’t offer refunds if you are not happy with the indicators. The only situation that we offer refunds is when you do not get access to the indicators within 7 days of purchase or serious technical difficulties that make the indicators unusable. Anything outside of that is completely beyond my control which is why we do not offer refunds.

To give you some insight as to why: we can’t control what tickers you trade, which exchanges you look at, what settings you use, if you read the instructions so you understand how the indicators work best, we don’t control the price action, we can’t control how much you back test the indicators before trading with them, and so many other things that are completely outside of our control.

While we are on the subject, please make sure to read the instructions before using the indicators, and always paper trade until you are completely comfortable.

The 2 week, monthly and yearly subscription packages allow one Tradingview account full access to all 8 of our premium, invite only indicators. The indicators included are as follows:

  1. Buy Sell Indicator
  2. Buy Sell Signal Scanner
  3. Supply And Demand
  4. Trend Friend Swing Trade & Scalp Signal Algo
  5. Volume Based Auto Support & Resistance
  6. Scalper Ribbon
  7. 1 Minute Scalping Indicator
  8. Higher Timeframe Price Action Scanner

No. One subscription is valid for one Tradingview account. If you would like to use the indicators on more than one account, you will need to create a separate account on our website, using a different email address and Tradingview username and purchase a separate subscription under that account.

No, our indicators do not work with MT4, MT5, NinjaTrader or other platforms outside of Tradingview. Our indicators are built with Pine Script v5 which works exclusively on Tradingview charts and cannot be used on other electronic trading platforms.

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