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Your New Favorite Trading Indicators

Most traders use lots of indicators to make decisions on whether to enter or exit a trade. They also have to make decisions during the trade of whether to get out or not. Constantly analyzing data from multiple indicators takes time, can be misread and is attention draining. We aim to break that pattern so you can make better and faster decisions with our indicators built for day traders, by day traders.

trend friend algo

Trend Friend is your one stop solution for all of your trading indicator needs. Outside of using our free indicators, we have built our own algorithms that detect market conditions and provides real time, buy and sell signals on all your favorite tickers and timeframes. From stocks to crypto, forex and futures, we have you covered. 

Navigate The Markets Like Pro

Swing Trade & Scalp Signals

Knowing when to enter and exit a trade is the hardest part of trading. This is why we started building indicators, so that you get live data driven buy and sell signals on the chart for all of your favorite tickers and timeframes. It has swing mode, long swing mode and scalp mode to suit any type of trader. Stop guessing on your trades and start making smart moves.

sell buy indicator on scalp mode for usdcad
supply and demand indicator

Support & Resistance

Automatic support and resistance levels is easier than ever with our indicators. Just add one of our support and resistance indicators to your chart, and boom, you have optimal reversal areas. You can choose from multiple indicators such as Supply and Demand, Volume Based Auto Support & Resistance or a few of our free ones.

Trend Trading

If you like to trade with the trend, then we have you covered! We have multiple different indicators to help you find strong trends and excellent areas where price is likely to bounce so you can place your orders in those areas and stop losing by trading against the trend. Always remember, the trend is your friend!

combined moving averages + squeeze & volume spike signals
3commas bot backtester and signals free

Auto Trading

Interested in running a trading bot to trade for you while you sleep? We have a free backtester and signals that uses the dollar cost average method to trade on autopilot for you. In the future, we will also have an autotrader bot that can be used with margin, so stay tuned for when we release that one!


Oscillators are one of the most popular ways to get trading signals and verify the trend. That’s why we created the Scalper Ribbon and a few other custom oscillators that you can use for extra confirmation on your trades. Make sure to read the descriptions though, many traders don’t know the underlying basics of how oscillators actually work, but we explain it to you!

scalper ribbon

Volume Profiles

Volume is a key aspect to trading and our custom volume profiles can help you make better and faster trading decisions with our buy and sell pressure label. The label will turn green or red in real time to let you know if the market orders are looking bullish or bearish so you can trade in the same direction.

Fully Customizable

All of our indicators are built with various types of traders in mind so you can always customize each indicator to suit your trading style. From color choices to advanced setting changes, you can turn on or off, adjust or remove all kinds of features from each and every indicator so your chart looks exactly how you want it.

higher timeframe price action candles

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Our Custom Built Trading Algos & Indicators

qqq etf 5 minute chart with buy sell indicator on swing mode

Buy Sell Indicator


This buy sell indicator calculates real time, reliable signals using price action comparing the current candle to the previous candles and a massive amount of other factors to give buy and sell signals across all of your favorite markets. It has scalp mode, swing mode and long swing mode as well as an auto trailing stoploss & take profit levels.

buy sell signal scanner showing tech stock directions

Buy Sell Signal Scanner


This scanner uses the same formula as the buy sell indicator, but scans higher timeframes so you can trade with the trend for extra confirmation. You can also set it to scan other tickers of your choice to get a feel for the direction of a group of similar markets overall. Or just use it to find reversals on other tickers, your choice!

supply and demand indicator

Supply And Demand


Supply And Demand uses volume spikes, trading sessions, higher timeframe price action candles and previous vwap close prices to map out key areas where price is very likely to react. You can use these levels for trading reversals by either scalping bounces off of the levels or swing trading these reversals back to the next major supply and demand zone. Fully customizable and very accurate.

trend friend indicator

Trend Friend - Swing & Scalp Trading Signals


Trend Friend is a premium indicator that gives buy and sell signals for scalping and swing trades. Includes live percentage updates from fibonacci levels, VWAP, your position and the last signal shown. Also has moving average clouds, chop detection with warnings, low volume warnings, margin multiplier for your position & percentage tracking and a bounce zone.

volume based auto support and resistance plus scanner

Volume Based Auto Support & Resistance + Scanner


This indicator tracks where the market makers are placing their orders and draws support and resistance lines according to where those orders came in. This allows you to see in real time where the market makers are buying and selling so you can place your orders the same way. It’s never been easier to copy trade the big players than it is with this indicator. Includes a volume scanner.

scalper ribbon

Scalper Ribbon - Signals For Any Market


This indicator is a combination of 6 different oscillators with a little bit of secret sauce sprinkled on top. It turns red or green according to the bullish or bearish nature of the market. It’s quick enough to get you in early but smooth enough to keep you in positions longer. The blue range in the middle is the neutral zone and will help you stay out of chop.

1 Minute Scalping Indicator

1 Minute Scalping Indicator


This scalper is based purely on price action of the current candle and the previous candle. No lag and fast to react for quick scalping on the 1 minute chart. It works on all timeframes, but is designed for getting in and out of positions quickly on the 1 minute timeframe. The candles will also change color based on the current price trend. It has scalp mode and swing mode so you can pick which one suits your style.

Higher Timeframe Price Action Scanner

Higher Timeframe Price Action Scanner


Based off of the 1 Minute Scalping Indicator, this scanner uses the same price action formula to detect bullish or bearish price action of higher timeframes. It will display green or red dots to notify you of the current price trend on up to 6 higher timeframes as well as the current chart timeframe. Watch for established trends and then trade in that direction. 

volume weighted reversal bands

Volume Weighted Reversal Bands


These volume weighted reversal bands are a VWAP and VWMA hyrbid. It combines the vwap and 3 different volume weighted moving averages together and divides them by 4. Then it uses percentage deviations to map out support and resistance levels that you can play the bounces off of. Pay attention to the trend of the reversal bands and look for bounces off of the middle fat line as that one is fair value.

combined moving averages + squeeze & volume spike signals indicator

Combined Moving Averages + Squeeze & Volume Spikes


This is a set of moving averages, each one made up of SMA, EMA, HMA, RMA, WMA and VWMA combined together and divided by 6. Since most traders use moving averages but different types, combining them gives you a better idea of where price should actually react. It also has signals for squeezes and paints the cloud a brighter color when volume spikes are detected for extra confluence.

rsi scalper

RSI Scalper Ribbon With Signals


This indicator takes the RSI and smooths it out, paired with an RMA to create a ribbon that changes colors to show bullish or bearish trends and gives signals on bull/bear crossovers. There is a long moving average as well that helps to identify longer trends and retest areas. It can be used for scalping and swing trading. Watch for the ribbon to give confluence on price action.

auto support and resistance by percent deviation

Auto Support & Resistance With Wick Signals + Alerts


Auto Support and Resistance is derived from the previous session close and uses a percentage deviation to give support and resistance levels. Since traders and trading algorithms use percentages for take profit levels, this indicator gives highly accurate levels that price bounces off of regularly. It includes percentage gaps as well as wick signals so you never miss a bounce.

vix trend analysis

VIX Trend Analysis With Bull & Bear Signals


VIX volatility index shows the current market volatility in the stock markets. This indicator shows you if the market overall is bullish or bearish without having to switch charts constantly to check the VIX chart. It includes line on the chart as well as alerts to notify you of direction changes.

auto fibonacci levels

Auto Fibonacci Levels From Previous High & Low


Auto Fibonacci Extensions & Retracements based on the previous day, week, month or years high and low. Fibonacci levels change color based on whether they are currently support or resistance. Set up your Fibonacci levels instantaneously with 1 click.

Who Are These Indicators For?

The indicators we produce are built for traders of all skill levels. We build everything with bullish or bearish colors in mind so that every indicator is easy to visually read and interpret so you can make better and faster trading decisions. The labels we incorporate also flash colors which draws your attention to the fact that that indicator has changed direction, giving you an edge over the normal indicators that just go up and down. This is extremely useful for traders of all types and across any markets as it ensures you don’t miss trend changes as they are happening.

As traders ourselves, we decided to stop wasting valuable time analyzing indicators and create our own set of easy to understand and easier to use indicators. We believe all traders should have access to these which is why almost all of our indicators are completely free of charge. If you want the premium indicators, we have kept that cost to a minimum as well so it is accessible for traders in any financial situation.