1 Minute Scalping Indicator
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1 Minute Scalping Indicator


This is a 1 Minute Scalping Indicator based purely on price action of the current candle compared to the previous candle so there is no lag from using other indicators. It works great on all timeframes, but is designed for getting in and out of positions quickly using the 1 minute chart. The candles will paint according to the direction the price is currently moving in, which is a great way to help reduce anxiety while watching the candles bounce back and forth.

How To Use

It has Scalp Mode and Swing Mode. Both modes use the exact same price action parameters for signals, but Swing Mode will only give signals when the price action parameters are met AND the close is higher than the previous high for bull signals or when the close is lower than the previous low for bear signals.

This scalping indicator will show green up arrows when it detects bullish price action and red down arrows when it detects bearish price action. It will show a yellow arrow if the bullish / bearish price action conditions are met, but it detects a candle pattern that may be a weak signal such as small candle body, large wicks, etc. When this happens, make sure to wait for the next candle to show confirming price action before following the signal. You can also turn the signals off and use only the candle coloring if you prefer cleaner charts.

You can change the candle colors it uses within the input settings, as well as the color of the signal arrows to suit your preferences. You can also turn off the candle coloring if you prefer normal candles. If you are using the indicator’s candle coloring, make sure you go to your chart settings(gear icon top right) and in the symbol tab, turn off body, borders and wick for this to show up properly.

This scalper also includes alerts for bull and bear signals that can be set to alert you on any market and timeframe.


We also made a higher timeframe scanner that uses this same price action formula and shows you if higher timeframes are currently bullish or bearish in real time. It’s titled Higher Timeframe Price Action Scanner and can be found on our profile. I strongly recommend using both of these together to get an idea of the overall trend on longer timeframes. You can also use two of the scanners and set them to two tickers that move together or opposite of each other(like SQQQ and TQQQ ) for even more market insight on your ticker’s immediate direction.


This 1 Minute Scalping Indicator works well on any market such as stocks, crypto, forex, futures, etc.


This indicator is designed for scalping on the 1 Minute timeframe, but it works well on all timeframes, since it is using price action to give signals.

Tips For Best Results

We recommend pairing this indicator with a support & resistance indicator such as Supply and Demand or a moving average combo to find great entry areas and use the price action signals as confirmation when price bounces off of those areas. We also recommend using the Higher Timeframe Price Action Scanner with this so you can see the overall trend of higher timeframes on your chart and trade in the direction of the trend.

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