How To Add, Remove & Hide Indicators On Tradingview

indicator button used to add indicators to the chart

For the newcomers to Tradingview, there is a lot to figure out with setting up your charts. But don’t worry, this article will explain all the details of how you can quickly add, remove, hide, customize and save settings for your best Tradingview indicators.

How To Add An Indicator To Your Tradingview Chart

When looking at your chart, you can add an indicator by clicking on the tab labeled Indicators in the top left of the chart. From there a window will open that allows you to search for and sort through different scripts. The fastest way to find the indicator you want is to copy and paste the exact name of the indicator you want to use into the search box. This is best because each type of technical indicator has tons of options by different authors that it will show you. So to make it quick, copy and paste the full name of the indicator and it will show up right away.

You can also do a search or click on the tabs on the left side to go through your favorited indicators, your own custom indicators, Tradingview’s built in indicators as well as invite only scripts. Once you find the script you want, all you need to do is click on the name of the indicator and it will add it to your chart. Sometimes Tradingview servers run slow and you will have to click it two or three times and sometimes it just takes a while to load the indicator on the chart, so be patient and it will pop up, if not then just click it again. If for some reason you get an error, check out our guide on how to fix Tradingview indicator errors.

If you want to read the description of the indicator so you can learn the ins and outs of that specific indicator, click on the article icon on the right side of the indicator name. This will bring up a window showing the indicator on a chart and will also show the entire description where the author of the script gives you details on how to use the indicator. You can also look at the code of the indicator by clicking on the curly brackets(if the script is open source).

How To Add Invite Only Indicators To Your Chart

If you have access to an invite only script such as our Buy And Sell Indicator, you can add it to the chart the same way as explained above but with a slight difference. Click the indicators tab on your chart and then select the Invite-only scripts option on the left side of the pop up window. From there, just click on the name of the indicator you want to use and it will apply it to your chart. If you want to read the details of the indicator, just click on the article icon to the right of the indicator name which will open up a pop up window showing the custom indicator on a chart and the description of how to use the indicator.

How To Remove An Indicator From Your Tradingview Chart

When you need to remove an indicator from your chart, it’s a very simple process. If your indicators are collapsed, click the arrow button on the top left corner of your chart to expand the display of your indicators. Then, you can just click on the X icon at the right side of the indicator name to remove that specific indicator from the chart.

x icon used for removing indicators

How To Remove All Indicators From Your Chart

If you would like to remove ALL of the indicators on your chart, then you have two options. You can click the X icon of each indicator one by one until they are all gone OR you can right click on your chart and select Remove Indicators form the bottom of the pop up window. This will remove all of the indicators on your chart at once. And remember, if you remove something by accident, you can always click the back button at the top middle of your chart to reset your Tradingview chart settings you previously had. 

button to remove all indicators from the chart

How To Hide An Indicator On TradingView

When you want to keep an indicator on your chart, but don’t want it to show up right now, you can easily hide the indicator, which is very useful if you have customized your settings already and want to keep those settings. This can help clean up your charts temporarily while you inspect the chart. You can hide the indicator by clicking on the eye icon next to the indicator name. This toggle will hide the indicator from your chart and allow you to turn the indicator back on easily by clicking the eye icon again. 

eye icon used to hide indicators

How To Hide Indicator Values

If your chart has a bunch of numbers and values next to the indicator name, then that means your indicator values are set to show up. These are annoying, not useful and clog up your charts, so let’s get rid of them once and for all. First go to the gear icon at the top right corner of your chart. This will open up a pop up window that gives you a selection of settings. In this pop up you can customize your chart settings how you like, but to remove the indicator values, you need to go to the tab labeled Status Line and then scroll down to the section labeled Indicators. Then just uncheck the boxes for Arguments and Values. And that’s it! Now your chart will look less cluttered and will be much easier to see your charts.

buttons to hide indicator values

How To Customize Indicator Settings

Most indicators have settings that you can customize to your liking and these settings can be accessed by clicking the gear icon next to the indicator name. The gear icon will open up a pop up window that will show all of your indicator settings. The first tab which shows by default is the Input settings where you can adjust individual parameters. The second tab is the Style tab which allows you to adjust the colors and types of annotations used on the chart. The third tab is the Visibility tab that allows you to adjust what timeframes your indicator will show up on. Once you have customized your indicators and they are just how you like them, you can set up Tradingview alerts with those indicators so you never miss a move!

gear icon used for customizing and saving indicator settings

How To Save Indicator Settings

If you like to use specific settings for your indicators that are different from the default settings, then you can easily save those settings for later. Just click the gear icon next to the indicator name and then at the bottom of the pop up window, click on Save As Default. This will save the current settings you have for the indicator so that it always populates with those exact settings in the future and you won’t have to reset them.

save indicator settings button

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