Trend Friend Premium Indicators

From: $24.99 / month

Included Products For Subscribers

Trend Friend Buy & Sell Signals for stocks, crypto, forex & futures.

Volume Based Auto Support & Resistance Indicator + Scanner

Scalper Ribbon

Products You Will Receive Access To

Subscriptions include access to our entire suite of exclusive trading tools. The tools included are as follows: Trend Friend Buy & Sell Signal Algo, Volume Based Auto Support & Resistance as well as our Scalper Ribbon. More to come soon!

Trend Friend Algo

Data driven buy & sell signals for all markets including stocks, crypto, forex & futures. Scalp, swing & long swing mode for all types of traders.

trend friend indicator
Volume Based Auto Support & Resistance

Track volume spike levels in real time so you always know where the big buyers are placing their bets.

volume based auto support and resistance plus scanner
Scalper Ribbon

Easy to read oscillator that’s quick enough to¬† get you in early, but smooth enough to keep you in positions longer.

trend friend buy & sell signal algo