About Our Company - Trend Friend

Founder, CEO & Algo Developer

Lane Dotson

The founder of Trend Friend, Lane Dotson has been day trading since 2013. After going through countless trainings, indicators & strategies that didn’t work, Lane decided to start crafting his own trading indicators & algorithms based on the patterns that he saw in the real world of day trading. With a background in programming and web development, coding up indicators in pine script was a perfect fit and turned into a hobby that has continued to this day.

After years of learning, testing and trying every different combination of indicators & strategies out there, Lane finally developed some trading algorithms that worked and thus, Trend Friend was born. Built with a mission to keep quality trading tools available at a price that every trader can afford, Trend Friend aims to make trading easier by providing real time data driven signals on every market for an affordable price. With new algos being developed all the time and more knowledge to build off of, Trend Friend will continue to get better over time and make our best tools available to our subscribers. 

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