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scalper ribbon


This Scalper Ribbon is a combination of 6 different oscillators with a sprinkle of secret sauce. It’s smoothed out so it’s easy to read, but is quick enough to catch reversals early and helps you spot divergences. It will turn green or red according to the bullish or bearish nature of the ticker you are viewing without all of the noise that most oscillators give you.

It combines price action, momentum, rsi and a few other oscillators together to give an overall trend strength line that is smoothed out and coupled with a moving average to make it less noisy. Use it as an identifier of the underlying trend so you can make better decisions on scalp trades as well as swing trades on longer timeframes. Wait for the ribbon to break out/down from the middle blue range to avoid chop and get in when price is actually moving.

How To Use

Find tops and bottoms of the market by looking for reversals in the ribbon when it is either very high or very low. The white line is the midline and the ribbon is overall bullish when above the midline and overall bearish when below the midline. There are also two blue lines just above and below the midline that is a buffer area I like to call the neutral range. When the ribbon is in the neutral range, expect indecision in the market and look for the ribbon to break out or down from that range for continuation of a trend. The farther away from the neutral range the ribbon is, the stronger the trend is. Take a look at how it performs across multiple timeframes and tickers and get a feel for it before using it in your strategy. It will help you spot reversals early and show you hidden divergences in price action before the reversals happen.


You can adjust the length of the oscillators and the moving average ribbon to be faster or slower to suit your preferences. The lower the number used, the faster it will detect changes, but the more noise it will have. The higher the number used, the slower it will detect changes, but there will be less noise and easier to follow.


This indicator can be used as a signal on all markets, including stocks, crypto, futures and forex.


This Scalper Ribbon indicator can be used on all timeframes.


We recommend pairing this scalper ribbon with our Tradingview Buy And Sell Indicator and Volume Based Auto Support & Resistance or Supply & Demand. All of these indicators together will help you spot reversal areas and confirm the direction of the trend so you can make the best trades possible.

Release Notes

5/8/2024: Added alert conditions for multiple different values which are as follows:

Alert added for the scalper ribbon flipping from bearish to bullish as well as alert for the scalper ribbon flipping from bullish to bearish. This is best for trying to catch early entries or exits.

Alert added for the scalper ribbon being bullish and above the mid line(25) as well as alert for scalper ribbon being bearish and below the mid line(25). This is more reliable for signals once a reversal has been established.

Alert added for the scalper ribbon being bullish and above the neutral zone as well as alert for scalper ribbon being bearish and below the neutral zone. This is best for signals that are in the same direction as a strong trend.

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