How To Fix Tradingview Indicator Errors

tradingview indicator with calculation timed out error notice

If you get a red exclamation point ( ! ) next to the name of your Tradingview indicator, that means there was an error and you’ll need to adjust something to get it to work properly. Typically you can fix this very easily by just changing one of the input settings and changing it back. But if that doesn’t do the trick for you, try hovering your mouse pointer over the exclamation point which will trigger a popup message with the error. This will give you an explanation of the issue, but doesn’t always provide the best solution to fix the problem.

Calculation Timed Out Errors

You DO NOT need to remove the indicator from your chart and reapply it!

You already have your settings the way you like them, so removing the indicator just means you will have to redo all of that. There is no need to do that when there is a much easier option available.

In most situations, you can simply click the gear icon to open the indicator settings. Then adjust any setting on the input tab, wait for the eye icon next to the indicator name to start spinning and then adjust that setting back to the value it was before. This causes the script to reload with the current settings and in 90% of cases will fix any issues you may have with an indicator not loading or getting calculation timed out errors.

The reason this happens so much is that when you have multiple scripts on one chart, sometimes Tradingview servers run a little slower than normal and not all scripts get fully loaded within the time limits that Tradingview has for your specific level of subscription plan. The lower tiered plans will have this issue more often because they cut your calculation timing off much faster than premium and pro tier plans.

So if a script has very long source code or the pine script is not well optimized, it has to get decompiled before it loads and if the servers are slow, it just won’t load in time. But no need to worry, just adjust one setting on the indicator that won’t load and then adjust it back and you should be good to go. If not, try it again in a minute or so because Tradingview servers may just be slow at the moment.

In the event that you still cannot get a script to load, make sure to send a private message to the script creator to let them know that their indicator won’t load in time with your subscription tier. Some indicator builders have pro plans and may not be aware that users with free or essential plans don’t get as much time for indicators to load on their charts, so letting them know can help them adjust their script to work for everyone.

Study Not Authorized Error

If your error message says Study Not Authorized, then there are a few things you may need to try. First off, if you used to have access but now you don’t, then the owner of the script may have revoked your access and you should check on the status of that to make sure you currently have access to the script according to the owner. If you definitely have access, but it still gives you that error, it’s most likely just a server caching issue that will go away in a few minutes.

Servers store information so that they do not have to constantly send data back and forth and sometimes that data does not get updated right away when indicator access is updated. It usually takes Tradingview servers a few minutes to update access for the user after the indicator builder grants your account access. In many cases, you can just save your chart layout to ensure you don’t lose any of your settings or indicators. Then just refresh your internet browser and you should not get that error any more.

If you still get that error, try logging out of your Tradingview account and then logging back in. This will clear the server cache for your account and update your access to any indicators.

In the event that you still get the error, you may just need to wait a few more minutes until Tradingview servers update your account with access to the script.

Indicator Taking Forever To Add To The Chart?

When you first try to add an indicator to your chart from the indicator list, you may notice a very long pause on some scripts before anything happens like with our Supply And Demand indicator. This can be confusing and make you wonder if the script is actually loading or not. No need to worry though, many scripts with long source code just need extra time for the servers to decompile all of that code and process it across thousands of bars of data.

So if you click an indicator and nothing happens, be patient and give it 20 seconds before clicking again. This is usually enough time for the indicator to decompile and start to load on your chart. If it’s been 20 seconds and nothing happens, try clicking on the name of the indicator again and wait another 20 seconds.

If the indicator has a red lock icon next to it, then that means it’s an invite only script and you don’t have access to it yet, so it won’t load anyway.

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