Momentum With Bullish & Bearish Label
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momentum indicator


This is a momentum oscillator that paints red or green depending on whether Momentum is above or below the zero line. It includes a label on the right hand side that will reflect the bullish or bearish direction of the current momentum by changing colors to red or green and text telling you bullish or bearish.

How To Use

When Momentum is above zero, it is bullish. When Momentum is below zero it is bearish. A label on the right side will update in real time to tell you if momentum bullish or bearish for faster recognition of the trend. When momentum is above the zero line(Bullish) but trending downward, a second label will show up in purple to notify you of a change in momentum direction. When momentum is below the zero line(Bearish) but trending upward, a second label will show up in purple to notify you of a change in momentum direction.
This indicator was built to help you quickly identify the bullish or bearish nature of the current Momentum using colors as well as a live color changing label so you can glance at the label and understand it’s direction without analyzing the indicator data.


This indicator can be used as a signal on all markets, including stocks, crypto, futures and forex.


This momentum indicator can be used on all timeframes.


Try using numerous indicators of ours on your chart so you can instantly see the bullish or bearish trend of multiple indicators in real time without having to analyze the data. Some of our favorites are our 1 Minute Scalping Indicator, Higher Timeframe Price Action Scanner, Indicator Direction Table, Market Sector Scanner and Volume Weighted Reversal Bands or any  combination of those with this momentum oscillator. They all have real time Bullish and Bearish labels as well so you can immediately understand each indicator’s trend.

Release Notes

May 11, 2022: Added the ability to turn the bull/bear label on or off for better viewing on the mobile app or users that don’t want the label.

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