How To Reset Tradingview Charts

reset chart view button

So you did something to your chart and now you don’t know how to get it back to normal, right? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It’s pretty easy to reset your chart once you do it a couple times so let’s look at the different ways you can fix the unexpected changes.

How To Undo Changes To The Chart, Drawings & Indicators

Let’s say you just got some premium Tradingview indicators but you messed up when adding them to your chart or adjusting the settings and now your chart is all clogged up and looks weird. The easiest thing you can do to reset your charts back to how they were, is to just use the undo button. It’s located at the top middle of the chart and looks like a back button pointing to the left. Using this will typically fix whatever change you made and if not, try clicking it a few more times to see if it helps. This will undo changes to your drawings, indicators, chart settings and more. If that doesn’t do the trick then read the next section below. Note: The undo button won’t affect changes to dark mode, only the toggle switch works for that.

undo button to reset charts

How To Reset Your Chart View

You can right click on your chart and at the top of the pop up window, you will see a button that says Reset Chart View. Click that and your chart will reset to include the price action and all of your indicator plots within the view of the screen. If your indicators plot things far above or below the price action, this will squeeze the chart down so you will need to use the vertical scale on the right of your chart to adjust that to fit your screen if so.

reset chart view button

How To Hide Or Remove All Drawings

If your chart is cluttered with tons of trendlines and other stuff, don’t worry. You can either hide them or remove them easily so you can share your chart without the mess or just see what the price action is doing easier. You can hide all drawings by clicking on the eye with a paint brush icon on the bottom left of your chart. That will just temporarily hide your drawings, but keep them in place so you can just click that eye icon again and have all of your drawings show up again. You can also right click the chart and click on Remove Drawings if you want to delete all of the drawings on the chart quickly.

remove drawings button

How To Hide Or Remove All Indicators

If you want to remove all indicators from your chart, you can right click and at the bottom of the pop up window click Remove Indicators. That will remove all of the indicators on your chart, so be careful. If you want to remove indicators one by one, just hover over the name of the indicator on the top left corner and then click the X icon to remove a single indicator from the chart. If you just want to hide a specific indicator temporarily, hover over the indicator name and click the eye icon. Check out this article for a more detailed explanation of adding, hiding and removing indicators from your charts.

button to remove all indicators from the chart

Set Your Own Default Settings For Indicators

┬áIf you want to save specific indicator settings so you don’t have to redo them for each chart or different markets, you have a few options. You can either create a new chart layout for each different setup you need and then set up your indicators exactly how you want them and save that chart layout. This way allows you to switch to a different layout for forex, crypto or stocks so you don’t need to redo your scanners for different markets.

The second option is to go in to your indicator settings and click save as default at the very bottom. That will save your specific indicator settings for the next time you add that indicator to a chart.

The last option is best for grabbing all of your best day trading indicators with specific settings and copying them over to another chart layout. To do this, click on the four boxes icon at the top of your chart next to the indicators tab. Then save your indicator template with a name and choose if you want it to also remember your ticker and timeframe used.

It’s important to note that any changes made to indicator settings AFTER setting up alerts will not reflect the changes in your alerts. You will need to redo your alerts with the current settings to get them to work with the same settings that your chart has. Check out our in depth guide to setting up Tradingview alerts if you need more information on that.

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