Changing Your Tradingview Color Theme To Dark Mode

dark mode color theme toggle button

Trading requires spending a lot of time staring at the charts to find great trade setups, but staring at a bright white screen all day is no fun and it’s very hard on your eyes. So let’s switch our color theme over to dark mode so we don’t ruin our eyes every day.

It’s also important to note that the color schemes we use for our premium Tradingview indicators are made to look good on a dark chart, since most traders are looking at their computer all day and dark mode less straining on the eyes.

Enabling Dark Mode

You can enable dark mode on your Tradingview charts by clicking the profile picture icon in the very top left corner of your chart. That will open up a menu and towards the bottom of the menu you will see an option for Dark Mode with a toggle switch. Turn that toggle switch on and then confirm that you want to change your color theme from the pop up window. Then you’re all set! It’s much easier on the eyes isn’t it? 🙂

Adjust Your Candle Colors To Pair Well With Dark Mode

Once you switch over to dark mode, you may notice that some of your candle and indicator colors may not look as good. So go ahead and change your settings to make everything easy to see. You can change the candle coloring by going to the gear icon in the top right and from the Symbol tab, change the colors for up and down candles across the body, border and wick settings. I personally like to use an aqua blue color for up candles and a bright orange color for down candles. It helps the candles stand out over red and green indicators on the chart and I think the colors are more calming to watch than red and green.

You can also click the gear icon next to your indicator name and go into the style tab to change colors of your indicators so that everything meshes well together. If your chart is getting too cluttered with indicators, make sure to check out our article on adding and removing indicators from your chart.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Dark Mode?

Dark themes have several benefits for your health. First, it reduces eye fatigue because the colors aren’t so bright. Second, it reduces blue light which can prevent you from going to sleep easily. If you are staring at a computer all day long, both of these negative effects can get to you quickly. Personally, I use dark mode on every single thing that I can when I’m on my computer because I’m staring at the screen all day. You can quickly tell how hard it is on your eyes by switching to a white screen after looking at a dark screen for a while and you will notice how straining it feels. So switch to dark mode, on everything!

How Do I Switch Back To A Light Color Theme?

Switching back to the light color theme is just as easy as switching to dark theme. Click your profile picture in the top left and then go down to Dark Mode and toggle the switch off. This will revert your chart back to the light color scheme.

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